Pelvic floor re-education, the key of well-being after pregnancy

Today we publish our third guest post written by James Turgis, physiotherapist specialising in baby and pregnancy physio in London, where he talks about common post natal problems.

Mummy’s Physio is a French home visit physiotherapy practice specialised in ante and post natal treatments. We offer a unique service of home visits in London so you can relax in the comfort of your home.

Giving birth is the most wonderful time in a women’s life, but pregnancy and labour have a big impact on the body and mainly on the pelvic-floor. Baby’s weight, hormone increase and child birth are responsible for muscles stretch and loss of tonus, bringing along serious consequences if untreated such as incontinence, prolapsed womb, back pain, reduced sexual sensation. Perineum is certainly one, if not the most important muscle for a woman. It is the muscle holding the womb, the bladder, its tonus allows continence and it is the base for a good back health. A stretched perineum will not be able to maintain all these functions and will also decrease normal sexual sensation. In France, receiving treatment for pelvic floor rehabilitation after giving birth is the norm, while in the UK, many mothers are not aware of this treatment and think that the consequences of pregnancy are normal and cannot be reversed. We have often heard mothers saying “it is normal, my mother had the same problems” even though today not a single women should suffer these problems.

The aim of pelvic floor rehabilitation:
Pelvic-floor rehabilitation will allow you to regain the strength and the tonus of your muscles to avoid any complications in the future. If you are suffering from any childbirth related symptoms like incontinence (while coughing or while exercising etc.), even after several years, pelvic floor rehabilitation is the solution and will avoid you surgery to fix the problem. The physiotherapist will determine a personalised treatment based on your medical background, the course of your pregnancy and the method of childbirth as well as on your level of awareness of your muscles. The level of awareness is one of the key elements for a successful re-education because a lot of women are not able to feel and control this muscle as they should. This is the first thing that the physiotherapist will teach you through simple exercises.

What are the different kind of pelvic floor rehabilitation:
A different kind of re-education can be offered – depending on which one you are most comfortable with-. It consists of a stimulation using probe, feedback, manual re-education, the contraction of the muscle itself as well as hypopressive gymnastics, which is the most modern and certainly the most efficient technique.

Hypopressive gymnastics is based on different postural exercises which need to be done in specific positions in order to use the internal pressure of your body to tone, your pelvic floor muscles, your abdominal muscles and your lower back muscles at the same time. This new technique, will allow to tone up your pelvic floor, regain a healthy lower back and return to a flatter stomach in a perfectly secure way for your body.

When is the good time to start pelvic floor rehabilitation:
You can start your pelvic floor rehabilitation at different periods. Beginning to exercise before childbirth is beneficial for the mother to be as the awareness of this muscle will facilitate labour.

After childbirth you have to wait at least six to eight weeks before starting any re-education or sports. It is very important not to start any sport with a weak pelvic-floor because it would increase the stretch of the perineum and increase symptoms such as incontinence. After this period of six to eight weeks you may start your pelvic floor re-education whenever you feel ready for it.

Once your pelvic floor is strong you can start abdominal toning by yourself or with the help of our specialist.

We are aware that pelvic floor re-education is a very intimate issue and could feel a little embarrassing for many. This is why our specialist is a woman and we offer home visits only for you to be able to relax and feel good in the comfort of your home. It will save you time and stress, which is very important for new mothers with a busy schedule.

We also offer treatments for: Pelvic floor rehabilitation, Back pain, Manual lymphatic drainage -for swollen legs and feet and against cellulite-, Abdominal toning and we help you getting back into shape.

Because every woman should have a pleasant pregnancy, at Mummys physio we are here to make this possible.

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James Turgis, BabyPhysio, Chartered physiotherapist

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